In drought-affected Ethiopia, Guyo plants a fruitful orchard

(written by our Ethiopian director Zerihun Kassa and web journalist Naomi Schalm)

Guyo Haleke is 45 years old and a father to 5 children. They live in southern Ethiopia, just south of the coffee town Yirga Cheffe, in an area hit by the worst drought in 60 years. We are dedicated to helping villages down there.

Guyo used to raise cattle, but all the cattle are dying from the drought. So he needed another way to provide for his family.  You might say he’s had a mid-life career change.

Guyo’s brother [...]

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12 Secrets to a Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

We all love a great coffee shop. Still, 86% of our coffee in the US is consumed at home, and you can have an AMAZING cup there. I’m a geek at heart, and as I continually savor coffee with villagers, government leaders, coffee barons and coffee geeks in Africa and Asia, as well as here at home, I’ve picked up the following keys to fantastic coffee:

1. Start with great beans

The old saying is true, nothing can ADD quality to a coffee bean from when it’s picked to when you [...]

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How to pair your coffees and foods

Did you know you can enhance your coffee experience by pairing different coffees with different foods?

People are beginning to realize that coffees are as nuanced as wines. You’ll continually find new favorite combinations of coffees and foods.

(Geek-note: the science behind taste parings was recently put forth by François Benzi of the Swiss perfume and flavor company Firmenich, at an international workshop on molecular gastronomy in Erice.)

Start your coffee-pairing-journey by trying the following pairings. See if you can describe what’s happening in your mouth. The act of putting [...]

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A Pangeo Coffee town in Ethiopia

Come join us on one of our volunteer trips to help poor villages. While we’re there, we’ll take you to some of the coffee fields where we get the world-class beans for Pangeo Coffee.

In the meantime, check out the video below (it’s also currently on the front of our website).

As part of our summer 2010 volunteer trip helping drought-devastated villages in southern Ethiopia, we took our volunteers to the world-famous town of Yirga Cheffe, where we get our amazing Pangeo Coffee Yirga Cheffe.

Yirga Cheffe coffee is grown [...]

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Coffee-topped ice cream

Here’s a quick and simple zest-it-up for your ice cream:

I took just a pinch of medium-ground coffee (I used Pangeo’s Sumatran Aceh) and sprinkled it on top of my Blue Bell vanilla ice cream. A-MAZ-ING. Extremely tasty.

The key is to use only a pinch. You don’t want to overpower the ice cream, you just want to give it that “Mmmm” extra interest.

What are some ways you’ve used coffee to add intrigue to food?


(visit the coffee store)

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