Helping villages in Sri Lanka, world’s tea giant

A Nallathaniyua cutie

A Nallathaniya cutie

Hello from Sri Lanka, one of the world’s tea capitals.

I’m in the central highlands with our Sri Lankan staff, and I’ve brought employees of a company (The Wedding Cafe, in Honolulu) who just partnered to help a poor village through GHNI’s Adopt-a-Village program.

We’re in the village of Nallathaniya… and we’re all falling in love  with their warmth, their smiles, their attitude, and their hunger to learn ways to lift themselves out of their severe poverty with a little hand up.

GHNI is just getting started with Nallathaniya — we’ve chosen a fantastic young leader to be the “Champion” of the development work, and he has assembled a committee of people who are respected leaders and have the hearts of the villagers.

The following pics capture just a bit of our experience here this week (most by Julian Gilliam):

Nallathaniya's beautiful people

Nallathaniya's beautiful people

Meeting village families

Meeting village families

Nallathaniya's kids

Highlight -- singing and dancing with Nallathaniya's children!

Nallathaniya boys

Nallathaniya boys

Tanna the Pied Piper

Tanna (the business owner) is always the Pied Piper

Divenaden, our "Champion" in the village

Thiviyanathan, our "Champion" in the village

Divenaden's family

Thiviyanathan with his wife, children and parents

Nallathaniya tea pickers

Almost everyone is in the tea industry, typically with poverty wages

Tea picking video

Shooting video about the tea-picking process

Clean water search

Climbing to find clean water sources, to pipe into the village

Clean water source

Getting close to the clean water source

Pipes for clean water

Day's end, in town, buying pipes for clean water

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Written by Jeff Power

Jeff is the founder of Pangeo Coffee. He's been dedicated to full-time humanitarian development with poor villages in Africa, Asia and the Middle East since 2007. Follow Jeff's travels and work on his personal blog:, and on twitter at @jeffpower.

  • saud

    wonderful job and effort :)
    can you recommend places I can visit in Sri Lanka for example schools need support and donation some time in september 2012
    Good Luck