Women form Peace Walk near our Kenyan villages

Women's Peace Walk

Women Walk for Peace near our Kenyan villages

Isiolo town is our staff’s base in central Kenya, as they diligently help the surrounding poor villages.

Violence between tribal groups again escalated there in recent months, ebbing and flowing. Deaths have occurred sometimes weekly. And our staff are wisely limiting their movement to and from our villages, as they daily monitor and evaluate safety conditions.

There is hope, and our staff are among those contributing to it. Many people are passionately working toward lasting peace and a change of mentalities.

Just this week for instance, hundreds of women in Isiolo formed a Peace Walk to urge everyone toward reconciliation and peaceful cooperation.

And that’s one of the many good signs. Even though conditions in the moment can turn dark, there is abundant evidence that minds are changing and new generations are seeing a new way forward.

Kenyan news gathered footage of the Peace Walk to help spread the hope…


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Written by Jeff Power

Jeff is the founder of Pangeo Coffee. He's been dedicated to full-time humanitarian development with poor villages in Africa, Asia and the Middle East since 2007. Follow Jeff's travels and work on his personal blog: Pangeo.us, and on twitter at @jeffpower.