Announcing “$1/bag back to villages” commitment


$1 per bag donation back to villages!

So… we decided to make it simple.

From our inception last year, Pangeo Coffee was launched to help the poorest villages of Africa, the Middle East and Asia. From the start, our number one goal has been to fuel excellent development work in poor villages, by fueling the coffee-loving community’s desire to drink high-quality coffee that does just that.

And we’re off to a great start!

Meanwhile, some thoughtful members of new community were asking, “Just how much goes back to help the villages?” For a while we were talking about a high percentage of company profits. Higher than typical industry standards. Because our #1 value is to elevate the neediest parts of our world.

But a smart friend suggested, “Why don’t you just commit to a minimum amount per bag that goes to the villages? That way, whether profits are up or down, we know how our purchase is helping.”


And now we have.

So… every time you purchase a bag (or a bunch of bags) of Pangeo Coffee, you know that your purchase results in specific help being donated directly back to village development programs in the villages we serve in Africa, Asia and the Middle East (through our on-the-ground humanitarian partner,

It’s nice to keep things simple.

Written by Jeff Power

Jeff is the founder of Pangeo Coffee. He's been dedicated to full-time humanitarian development with poor villages in Africa, Asia and the Middle East since 2007. Follow Jeff's travels and work on his personal blog:, and on twitter at @jeffpower.