Maria models a way of escape for young village women

It’s thrilling to see young women from the villages truly escaping the cycle of poverty!

Here’s a recent update from our Kenya team, helping villages in northern Kenya:

“Many of the youth in the villages drop out of school, especially girls, and don’t graduate to secondary school level due to the fees problem. Girls end up in early marriages, or prostitution in Isiolo town, and unnecessary pregnancy. As a result they become helpless and no hope for future generation.

“We opened an Empowerment Center to transform the life of such […]

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“Best Roaster 2014” -Roast magazine

We’re thrilled to announce that our talented roasters, Tim & Tommy Thwaites here in Denver, were named “Best Roaster 2014” by Roast Magazine!

Tim & Tommy were raised and trained in the  heart of the coffee movement in Seattle, then moved to Denver to forge their future. Now they’ve created one of the best roasters in the region and country, roasting for their own brand and select others like Pangeo.

We’re proud to partner with Tim & Tommy, and we look forward to delighting the palates of coffee-lovers everywhere with […]

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Pangeo at Nat’nl Restaurant Association conference

We were invited to share Pangeo’s story at the National Restaurant Association’s fall conference for their Marketing Executives Group.

This was a great group of passionate, people-focused people! They’re the marketing execs for scores of great restaurant brands across the country.

I shared how powerful it is to give their beverages a cause, a village and an ongoing story — it boosts profits and guest engagement while changing the world:

Pangeo at MEG Fall Conference 2013 from Pangeo Coffee on Vimeo.

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Blowing Our Minds in East Africa

I’m here in central Kenya hanging out with giants.

We’ve gathered our dedicated village-coaching staff from four countries. These tireless women and men trek down dusty roads, endlessly commit themselves to destitute villages in their area, and skillfully lift villagers’ minds and hearts, week-in and week-out, to believe and achieve a better future for their village and their children.

They’re giants.

This has been a week to “teach the teachers.” An esteemed professor of development, known across Africa, has joined us. He’s taught us free or low-cost agriculture methods that […]

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The Smiles Say it All!

We just got a fantastic report on the amazing changes happening for women in the village of Tuk’a that we’re helping just south of where our Yirgacheffe coffee comes from.

Check out these pictures!

Here’s what Lishanu (Our GHNI staffer there) wrote:

“This women group works every day on their small farms after our TCD training on income. Now they are coming to understand how this activity is helping them. They can generate a nice income from this activity.

“As an example, for the previous three months, these women received […]

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