Empowering Village Women

Our on-the-ground partners helping villages in Indonesia are seeing breakthroughs with the women of the poor village of Camba Berua.

Here’s a recent report we received:

“The initial vision of our women’s micro-enterprise program was to encourage entrepreneurship and to increase the confidence of these ladies. Through the business lessons and lessons on confidence that our team taught, many of the ladies have now developed their own successful businesses — like Daeng Muna, Daeng Leah and Daeng Roswita.

Just 18 months ago, these women were (by their own words) “housewives […]

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Shambani Kenya, grateful for your help

Every cup of Pangeo Coffee you drink or serve sends help to one of the many poor villages we’re coaching… to help them sustainably escape crushing poverty.

Shambani village, in the heart of drought-ridden central Kenya, is one of  “our villages.” Shambani was tragically caught up in the area’s tribal clashes just over a year ago, both giving and receiving violence.

One day, an opposing tribal group burst into their village, burning every home and killing three people. Suddenly everything changed for them.

In the past year, our staff partners […]

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How asking for the toilet saved babies

Asking to use the toilet can end up saving babies.

One of our village-coaching staff, as I’m here in Indonesia, told this story today:

“Several years ago when we had just begun to help a new village, I was sitting with some men in the village and I asked where I could use the latrine. They looked at me dumbfounded, and a bit offended. “Look around you,” one of the men said, as if I was crazy. “How much jungle do you see among our homes? It’s everyhwere! Use the […]

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Announcing “$1/bag back to villages” commitment

So… we decided to make it simple.

From our inception last year, Pangeo Coffee was launched to help the poorest villages of Africa, the Middle East and Asia. From the start, our number one goal has been to fuel excellent development work in poor villages, by fueling the coffee-loving community’s desire to drink high-quality coffee that does just that.

And we’re off to a great start!

Meanwhile, some thoughtful members of new community were asking, “Just how much goes back to help the villages?” For a while we were talking […]

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Video: Sri Lankan Tea Picking

We’re in Sri Lanka’s mountainous Central Highlands, helping poor villages for the week.

Much of the world’s best tea is grown right here. And most of the villagers here are employed by the tea industry. Tea picking, and tea processing, is their life.

That’s certainly true for most of the adults in our village of 2,200 people that we’ve committed to, Nallathaniya.

Watch them in their beautiful, yet poor, occupation (video by Julian Gilliam).

Sri Lankan Tea Picking from Pangeo Coffee on Vimeo.

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