Tasting GREAT coffee with our exporter

We arrived in Addis Ababa last night. Today we met with our Ethiopian coffee exporter, Mahabub, before flying east tomorrow morning to Harrar and our villages there.

It was a perfect use of our day.

Mahabub is the 3rd generation owner of the largest coffee exporter in Ethiopia — Adulina Coffee Exporter. He is warm, bright and welcoming, and we learned that he graduated from college in Atlanta, GA.

We all met in Mahabub’s office, and he treated us to a fantastic cup of Harrar coffee as we got to […]

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Pangeo Coffee in AllTwitter

The text below is from a feature in AllTwitter…

Your Coffee Can Help the World’s Poorest Villages

“If you’re looking for a way to give back that wont break the bank, this post is for you. What if we told you that you could buy delicious coffee and doing so would support humanitarian efforts in the world’s poorest villages? Well, you can and it does. Check THIS out (read full article on the AllTwitter website).

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7 Days in Tibet

I just returned from my first visit to our work in Tibet. We spent many days with our local director and met with local villages… and I’m getting a clear picture of our early-stage work with the beautiful and warm Tibetans.

I’m back full of excitement and hope… eager to find churches, businesses, clubs and schools to adopt villages there.

Here’s my summary: The Tibetan people are deeply spiritual and deeply poor. Yet their hearts are open wide, and our locally-focused method of Transformational Community Development will honor their village communities and […]

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Pangeo Coffee in Huffington Post

The text below is from a feature in the Huffington Post…

“A shining example of corporate social responsibility, Pangeo Coffee uses proceeds from its coffee sales to fund development work in villages of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Working with Global Hope Network International, Pangeo aims to elevate these villages out of severe poverty by teaching low-cost, low-tech, and locally available ways to get clean water, grow food, reduce disease, and build schools, all with an emphasis on self-sustainment.

“I spoke with Pangeo’s CEO, Jeff Power, about his work (read […]

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High school group joins hands with Ethiopian village

Whoever claims that the students of the world can change the world is absolutely right.

The student members of Broomfield High School’s National Honor Society (in the Denver metro area) have taken on the challenge of adopting a drought-stricken village in Ethiopia, just south of Yirgacheffe, through GHNI’s Adopt-a-Village program.

Broomfield High’s NHS is now linked with Tuka Ethiopia!

The picture above shows the students excitedly connecting with our Ethiopian staff on a video call direct from Ethiopia this past February (thanks to “GoToMeeting”).

Read more about the students’ bold adventure in […]

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