Dan Dewey brings Coffee to Cancer Patients

You knew that studies are now indicating how coffee helps prevent some cancers, right?

Well… Orion, MI hometown hero Dan Dewey is bringing a little weekly coffee-love to cancer patients, that just might help them BEAT the disease.

Dan says he’s just doing his thing.

We say he’s doing the right thing.

Treat yourself to some coffee and a smile and watch Dan’s story:


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Four American Moms, One Ethiopian Village

What do you get when you introduce Four American moms to one poor Ethiopian village?

You get huge compassion.

And love.

And an eagerness to help in any way they can.

Meet Jennifer, Courtney, Heather and Laura (left to right, backs to the camera). These four incredible women first discovered our village-development work through reading the blog of another awesome mom, Jennifer, who came here this same time last year. And they were among 100 women who responded to the need Jennifer described, by adopting a village at $12/month.

Late in the […]

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How to Save a Village $Thousands$

What if you tried to help a poor village get water, and bankrupted it in the process?

It happens. And it’s not good.

And that’s why we visited one of Africa’s top windpump companies today here in Kenya. Because wind is free.

Consider this: Thousands of boreholes are drilled into the ground across Africa, every year, to find water. Some of those boreholes are drilled to get clean water for drinking, but many others are drilled to get water for irrigation — to grow food in drought areas and solve […]

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How to make perfect french press coffee

Studies continually show both the health and emotional benefits of starting your day with a steaming cup of great coffee.

My go-to method for making mouth-watering java is to use my french press. Every morning, I find my way to the kitchen, go through my 4 simple steps, and savor the warmth and energy of my first steaming cup.

Follow the 4 simple principles in my video below, and you’ll get a perfect cup of french press coffee every time.

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Women form Peace Walk near our Kenyan villages

Isiolo town is our staff’s base in central Kenya, as they diligently help the surrounding poor villages.

Violence between tribal groups again escalated there in recent months, ebbing and flowing. Deaths have occurred sometimes weekly. And our staff are wisely limiting their movement to and from our villages, as they daily monitor and evaluate safety conditions.

There is hope, and our staff are among those contributing to it. Many people are passionately working toward lasting peace and a change of mentalities.

Just this week for instance, hundreds of women in […]

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