How Pangeo Coffee is roasted

Our inaugural roast shipped out the door today. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who is tasting Pangeo Coffee!

Have your ever seen coffee being roasted? In the Ethiopian villages that we help, the women roast it by hand in a small pan over hot coals or an electric burner. They like to roast it VERY dark.

But around the world, people are now learning that coffee is as subtle and varied as wine. The best roasters now roast it JUST to the point where each coffee’s unique notes and flavors […]

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Welcome to Pangeo Coffee!

Good morning! It is a good morning here in Denver.

Today we launched Pangeo Coffee. And we’re going to have some fun here on the Pangeo Coffee blog, with… well, coffee.

On my other blog (my humanitarian blog) I take you to the poor villages where we’re helping them learn how to transform themselves… in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. That’s ultimately why Pangeo Coffee exists.

But on this blog we’ll talk exclusively about COFFEE.

I have a lot of blog posts in mind… nerdy details about how to […]

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Coffee Country from Pangeo Coffee on Vimeo.

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Gallery demo

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