Blowing Our Minds in East Africa

Our African Village-Coaching Staff

Our African Village-Coaching Staff

I’m here in central Kenya hanging out with giants.

We’ve gathered our dedicated village-coaching staff from four countries. These tireless women and men trek down dusty roads, endlessly commit themselves to destitute villages in their area, and skillfully lift villagers’ minds and hearts, week-in and week-out, to believe and achieve a better future for their village and their children.

They’re giants.

This has been a week to “teach the teachers.” An esteemed professor of development, known across Africa, has joined us. He’s taught us free or low-cost agriculture methods that our coaches can now teach to many thousands of people in village after village. And he has blown our minds with some amazing ideas.

The Professor Teaches Us

For instance, did you know…

  • You can start a farm, and grow it to make you wealthy, for almost no cost
  • You can find seeds to plant tons of fruit-bearing trees for free… in the trash of a hotel
  • You can create all the rich fertilizer you need just by regularly collecting the trash and human/animal waste in your village
  • You can create a completely organic, sprayable insecticide for free, with just 6 specific vegetables & flowers soaked in water for 14 days
  • You can keep mosquitos out of your hut by growing lemongrass near all openings
  • You can grow two-food plants, like one that is a potato on the bottom and tomatoes on the top
  • You can keep raw meat fresh for up to a year by storing it submerged in honey
Well, neither did I!
This has been a thrilling week. It’s an honor to work with these staff who are changing the poverty world.
THANK YOU for joining hands with them and supporting their work by drinking and serving Pangeo Coffee!
Written by Jeff Power

Jeff is the founder of Pangeo Coffee. He's been dedicated to full-time humanitarian development with poor villages in Africa, Asia and the Middle East since 2007. Follow Jeff's travels and work on his personal blog:, and on twitter at @jeffpower.

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