Make your coffee program a mission.

How? With Pangeo’s celebrated Village Partnership Program.

You know how more and more groups want to make a tangible difference in the world, and people want to be proud of their group, and some groups just lead in that regard?

Those are the ones who’ve discovered and pour Pangeo Coffee… because of our Village Partnership Program… (partnering with a poor village that receives help from each cup you pour).

  • OFFICES: Your employees will love the amazing coffee and be excited about your village as they read your village’s monthly pictorial updates along with their coffee. A great employee benefit.
  • RESTAURANTS: Your guests will buy more coffee and have more love for your restaurant as they regularly read about your village’s progress out of poverty.
  • CHURCHES: Your members will send hopeful change to your partner village with every cup of award-winning Pangeo Coffee they drink at church.

PDF Guide: Click here to request a PDF of the Village Partnership Program.

Village Partnership gives your coffee meaning.

  1. We are all about pairing you with a village in need. It becomes your village, directly helped by your coffee drinking (at discounted wholesale prices).
  2. We then send a high percentage of our profits from your coffee drinking to your village every month… for things like clean water, classrooms, health lessons, micro loans… (the village work we invest in was highlighted at the United Nations).
  3. You get monthly pictorial updates from your village as they work hard to transform out of poverty. Your group will love the updates and share them.

Why Pangeo?

Our reputation for award-winning coffee and highlighted humanitarian work keeps growing, and will transform your coffee program:

  • “Best Roaster…” – Roast Magazine
  • “A shining example…” – The Huffington Post
  • “Born to Change the World…” – National Restaurant Association

Our Operations Team serves partners nationwide with coffees and iced teas. We can deliver what you need in the form you need it.

Let’s Talk.

For a free guide to the program, and wholesale prices and possibilites, start a conversation today with our Founder & CEO Jeff Power.

Email: (click this link)

Phone: 720.523.0224

Let’s transform a village, and your coffee-loving group, together.