Empowering Village Women

Camba Berua Women

Camba Berua women

Our on-the-ground partners helping villages in Indonesia are seeing breakthroughs with the women of the poor village of Camba Berua.

Here’s a recent report we received:

“The initial vision of our women’s micro-enterprise program was to encourage entrepreneurship and to increase the confidence of these ladies. Through the business lessons and lessons on confidence that our team taught, many of the ladies have now developed their own successful businesses — like Daeng Muna, Daeng Leah and Daeng Roswita.

Just 18 months ago, these women were (by their own words) “housewives without a purpose”. Now, through our micro-enterprise program, these women are successful seamstresses and business owners.”

A BIG THANK YOU to the Pangeo community as you help women and families in villages like Camba Berua.

Written by Jeff Power

Jeff is the founder of Pangeo Coffee. He's been dedicated to full-time humanitarian development with poor villages in Africa, Asia and the Middle East since 2007. Follow Jeff's travels and work on his personal blog: Pangeo.us, and on twitter at @jeffpower.

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