How does my purchase of Pangeo Coffee help villages?

Two ways: 1) When you pour Pangeo Coffee you are investing in poor villages in Africa and Asia, the areas where some of the best coffees in the world come from. Every cup you pour sends more money to a village for things like clean water solutions, or agriculture demonstration plots to avert starvation, or health lessons to lower infant death rates, or micro-business loans, or classrooms & books, etc.

Is Pangeo Coffee a non-profit?

No. We’re a for profit company. But a socially-passionate for-profit company. We teach villages how to become self-sustaining. That way we can help more villages. Our MAIN PASSION is helping villages. Our COFFEE PASSION works to make that possible.

How do you help the villages? 

Our development approach is a proven village coaching method that achieves results and continues to receive recognition (the work was highlighted at the United Nations). We help villages learn low-cost, low-tech, locally available ways to transform themselves out of severe disease and poverty so they can be sustainable — and continue to develop long after we’re gone.

OK, so where do you get your coffee?

We work in poor villages around some of the best coffee fields in the world. And we mean the BEST. We’ve worked through high-integrity local channels to identify amazing sources of coffee in each region that are traceable, reputable, very high-quality, and sustainable for the farmers. We treat each location individually and carefully.

 Who roasts Pangeo Coffee?

We’ve formed a partnership with an acclaimed roaster here in Denver, our home. These brothers grew up in the coffee industry of Seattle, then moved to Denver in 2003 to launch an exceptional roasting enterprise. They won Roast Magazine’s “Best Roaster” award. They painstakingly roast every one of our orders fresh, then ship them out to you.

How good is your coffee?

It’s truly world-class. But you’ll have to taste each one and decide for yourself. Coffee is like wine, it’s an individual taste thing. One internationally-known taster tried our coffee and wrote, “If Pangeo Coffee were a wine it would say ‘Reserve’ on the label.” We like that!

What if I don’t like my coffee?

Then let us know, and we’ll give you any of the other Pangeo Coffees to try. Or we’ll refund your order in full. Or we’ll shoot one of our staff. We’re committed to your satisfaction 🙂

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What if I have more questions?

Ask them! Please contact us through the info on our “contact page.”