Our Coffees & Iced Teas

For years we’ve been humanitarian aid workers to some of the world’s poorest villages in Africa and Asia, near many of the world’s finest coffee and tea fields. So we partnered with seasoned coffee pros (who won Roast Magazine’s “Best Roaster” award) and launched Pangeo… to bring you those world-class coffees and teas while connecting you to powerful village-transformation work.  (Read Pangeo Coffee’s Story)


The ancient city of Harrar sits atop the eastern Ethiopian hills. We’re there regularly to help nearby villages, and we see the world-famous Harrar coffee beans being “dry processed” — that means they’re turned by hand in the glittering sun after being picked golden-ripe, giving the beans their unique hand-crafted reputation.

Our Fair Trade Organic Harrar has a sweet aroma, medium-to-heavy body, and we roast it to where the blueberry notes come through with perfection! Harrar is a perfect choice for any coffee drinker because of its unique flavor and long-lasting respect from coffee experts worldwide.

Down the hill from Harrar, we are dedicated to ongoing work with the villages of Hurso, Garmaam and Megaladi.


Grown in the rich soil of south-central Ethiopia, in the hills surrounding the town of Yirgacheffe, some people say that Yirgacheffe coffee is the smoothest they’ve ever tasted. We’re there frequently serving villages just to the south. Yirgacheffe coffee is unique — the soil yields coffee with notes of honey suckle, light citrus and sugar.

Yirgacheffe beans are wet-processed, different from the Harrar dry-processing, giving them a medium intensity. Our medium-roasted Organic Yirgacheffe carries a distinct floral aroma and finish, ensuring you’ll agree with the often-stated claim that Yirgacheffe is one of Africa’s premium coffees.

Just south of Yirgacheffe, our village staff are helping the drought-devastated villages of Tuk’a, Kakalo and Mudi Ambo.


Kenya AA

Our Kenyan is one of the best coffees we offer. The taste is sweet, with bits of grape, currant, berry and custard. The character is bright and very complex, with a silky-smooth finish. Try it, and see if you agree with coffee-lovers who can’t stop talking about (and drinking) Kenyan coffees.

Just north of Mount Kenya, our staff are giving ongoing development help to the villages of Attir, Gem, Shambani and Bulesa Dima.


The Sumatra area of Indonesia, like Ethiopia, has a rich history embedded in coffee.  We’ll be leading a volunteer trip to help our Indonesian villages in the spring of 2012. Our Sumatra Aceh (pronounced “AH-chay”) comes from farmers with whom we have a direct-trade connection.

The Aceh is a full bodied coffee, with great sweetness and a huge cedar finish. We roast it lighter, to accentuate its amazing green-apple-like acidity. This is a new style of Sumtra at its finest… intense, yet smooth and graceful. It’s wonderful for any coffee drinker!

In Indonesia, our sustainable-development staff are helping to transform the villages of Camba Berua, Tanah Keke and Patalasang.


Our Pangeo Decaf Blend does it all. It’s a smooth, great tasting drip coffee found in one blend that our talented roaster re-invents whenever certain beans delight his taste buds.

Pangeo Fair Trade Organic Decaf has a crisp, clean taste that is gentle on the palate. It has a medium body and an extremely mellow finish. It’s the perfect decaf to have on hand, and you’ll love it for those times when you just need to cut the caffeine!

This conventional coffee is decaffienated through the natural process.